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Simply Picked Flowers

U-PICK: Need an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Come join us at Simply Picked Flowers for a scheduled U-Pick event!

**For private U-Pick events, please contact us directly.



“Farm Life” We are so excited to make this a lovely experience for you. In order to make that happen there are a couple of things we’d like you to know. First and foremost, we are a family that is inviting you to our home. We run a flower farm within a neighborhood. On our farm, we have pets, children, mosquitos/bees, uneven terrain, friendly neighbors, and you will be exposed to the elements. In order to help us make this a positive experience for you, we would recommend coming prepared by dressing in layers, bringing bug spray/sunscreen, hats, water bottles, gardening gloves, etc. There are no facilities on site.


“U-Pick Details” Upon arrival you will be greeted and provided with a quick run-down of the farm & how to best cut flowers. We will provide clean snips and your vessel with fresh water which you will take home as a souvenir. After that, the time is yours. Prompt arrival is recommended as corralling kids and animals is only guaranteed for your allotted time.


“Tickets” U-Picks are for previously purchased ticket holders only. Everyone visiting the farm is

required to have a ticket. For individuals coming to experience farm life, but not cutting their

own flowers, we would ask you to purchase an “observer pass”. Bring your coffee, sit OR stroll,

visit and enjoy the views


“Pets” We love pets! However, pets will not be permitted on the property for U-Picks. If

you have a desire to visit our pets, please do so at a distance. Unless Monroe gets out…

we encourage all the petting of our labradoodle. She thrives on all the love.


“Children” Any individual who is coming to observe OR pick flowers will need a ticket. If

you feel your child is at an age where they would enjoy this experience and it would still

be enjoyable for you, please feel free to snag a ticket for them and share the experience. Having kids ourselves, we know that even the best plans with kids can go south quickly and sometimes unexpectedly. We have many kids toys/activities that are visible and off-limits for U-Picks.


“Make it an Experience” Our location off of 195 is prime for making a morning/evening

of your trip out our way. We are located not far from Latah Latte/Bistro, Shelbys, Chaps, and The Rosarium to name a few.


“Photos” We LOVE pictures! Feel free to tag us @simplypickedflowers or send pictures

our way . U-Picks are not a time for professional photography

sessions. Please contact us if you have any desire for this.

"Refunds/Cancellations" We will proceed if at all possible! If you are unable to make your scheduled time, your ticket is transferrable to another individual. We ask that you just communicate who we should be expecting! We are not offering refunds at this time. 


“Questions?” Please call/text Molly at (509) 750-6519. Thank you for your patience as we welcome this new farm offering and work through all the details.

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