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Simply Picked: Girls Trip & Mother's Day Tulips

Spokane, WA

April 30, 2024

Double Bloom Negrita Tulip
Tulip Negrita

It's tulip season on a flower farm. So I did the only sensical thing anyone growing a massive load of tulips would do...and left town. My sister and I headed for Scottsdale, AZ for a weekend getaway. My husband was at home with our four kids, two soccer games and of course, the tulips. THEY. WERE. FINE. The tulips, the children, AND the husband.

Scottsdale was a success. We planned to do nothing, and we did just that. Walked a bunch, sat by a pool for two days in a row, drank margaritas, ate tacos, chatted over a glass (or more) of wine and relaxed. I started and finished a book and even started another! The downside? Mosquitos still exist in Arizona and of course, they love me. Ten bites confirms this.

Sister Trip!
Girls trip with my sister

You guys, my blood is what mosquito dreams are made of. I despise them so much that when my husband and I first started dating and he told me he liked to go camping--the debate of how in love we really are was a thing. Sort of kidding, but...sort of not. Then he said, "Where I camp there are no mosquitos". I'm sorry...excuse me you camp in heaven?! People sometimes say, "there are no mosquitos" or "they aren't that bad"... Yeah okay. I'm here to tell you that there are mosquitos, they are that bad, and I fail to see their purpose and the purpose me being near them serves (whew...honest much?!). Then he proceeded to tell me about Hells Canyon... Needless to say, we camp. I wouldn't say I thrive at it, but I sure enjoy the people, the location and watching how much better my kids are at camping life than I am.

Back home now and the tulips are coming in so well! It really does make me so proud to see how far we've come in our growing practices and the success we have had. We changed our approach with growing tulips and plant them in raised beds that we make ourselves. Chicken wire is laid down, raised bed placed on top, 1-2 inches of soil go down, bulbs, and then the remainder of the soil to fill the bed. This eliminates gopher damage substantially! Another modification this year was to add heavy straw mulch over the top of the beds. The soil has remained fairly workable and tulips are not such a fight to get out of the ground. The tulips we are growing this year are Columbus, Negrita, Gudoshnik, Apricot Parrot, and Avant Garde. There is a lot that goes in to growing tulips. I've put together a little guide that gives just a taste of what goes in to growing tulips as far as purchasing, growing, types, harvest, etc.

Now that our girls trip is over, I can officially report our Mother's Day tulips are available and up on the site! Our annual "Appreciate You" small jars which are perfect for May Day, teachers, co-workers or any other human in your life that needs a little happy will be posted soon. For any and all products, head on over to our website.

Wanting to up your Mother's Day game this year? Add a subscription or gift card! Both are on our product page. Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Let us know how we can help.


Questions? Comments? Please add those below. We would love to hear from you!


Non Affiliate Link to the best bug spray that is made locally linked here. I'm not flies, does the trick. My black fly story is one for the books, but another time.

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