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Simply Picked: "Kind" is My Daughter's Catchphrase

Updated: Apr 30

November 13, 2023

Spokane, WA

A bouquet of flowers gifted to a new mom.

"She is kind."

"He is a kind friend."

"My teacher is really kind."

"That person was very kind."

Reflecting on a Veteran's Day card my 6-year old daughter made for my Dad, whom she refers to as, "Pa-Pat". In this card she wrote, "You are varee kiend". To those who don't read phonetically this also reads as, "You are very kind". Reports of someone being kind is something we hear often around our house. I know when this statement is said that someone shared an item, paid a compliment, greeted someone warmly, or gave a smile.

When you are described as being "kind" in this house I feel like I know the sort of person you are through the eyes of this 6-year old girl. Don't worry, if you haven't been described as this though! We haven't written you off! I am positive she wouldn't describe her mother as "kind" some days, and certainly doesn't use that description for her siblings on any sort of a regular basis!

My favorite part of this description, it is that my daughter is actively seeking "kindness". She knows what it looks like. She certainly knows how it feels. "Stay close to people who feel like sunshine" is a quote we used with our older daughter--adding that those individuals who don't feel like sunshine may have a reason, so just be kind in general. Not every day is a sunshiny day for everyone.

Some days it is hard to be kind--to each other. It seems it shouldn't be difficult, but every once in a while our mood dictates our manners. In those instances, can we still seek kindness? What's more difficult--being kind or finding kindness?

What's a catchphrase in your home that means something to you or your kids?


For any questions or comments, please feel free to add those below!



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